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Corporate Volunteering

HSCB Impact Day being celebrate with school children
School transformation with support of a corporate partner through conceptual painting
Conceptual painting at a government school with corporate volunteers
Sapling Plantation by HSBC Corporate Volunteers in a government school

There has been a growing interest and trend among the corporates to engage their employees in meaningful volunteering activities. While many prefer a volunteering program at offsite locations or a partner non-profit, there are others who prefer an activity at their own campus.

In collaboration with YFS, corporate volunteers partake in several customized activities:

Flagship Programs:

  • Conceptual painting in school buildings
  • Educational Tour. Taking children out for outdoor learning experiences (such as to National parks, science museums and the planetarium)
  • Educational Model making
  • Paper bag making
  • Activities with other NGOs
  • Rural Visit
  • In-house activities
  • Conducting awareness talks on Menstrual Hygiene, digital literacy and life skills.
  • Thank you cards to our soldiers and get well soon cards to the children at hospitals.

Seasonal / One-time volunteering programs:

  • Conducting sports, art and cultural competitions for the government school children.
  • Clay Ganesha
  • Seed ball making
  • Sapling plantation
  • Cleanathon
  • Give Paper Back program

The objective here is to sensitize the corporate volunteers on the purpose of volunteering and also showcase the impact they can create.

Corporate Virtual Volunteering

Employability Skills Mentorship Program 

This program is beneficial to students from less privileged backgrounds to learn skills that will help them face interviews confidently and present themselves in an impressive way during the interview. It's a 4-week program, Volunteers connect with students individually and groom them on various employability skills. The objective of this program is to help eligible candidates get deserving jobs.

Employability Readiness Program 

This program is beneficial for final year graduation students who are job aspirants and who need quick tips to polish their interview skills. Volunteers cover 4 important topics in 2 hrs along with role plays and group discussions to clarify the required information.

T-shirt Bag and Newspaper Bag

Volunteers use their old T-shirts and newspapers to make shopping bags. This is a simple and yet impactful activity. Volunteers involve their family members to participate in this activity. Its a good team bonding activity.

1) Educate volunteers about the hazards of the textile and paper industries.

2) Reduce waste in landfills and the ocean by recycling and recuse of materials

3) Get sensitised to choose an Eco-friendly lifestyle.

4) Say no to one-time plastic.

4) Do not let go of your sweet memories of your favourite T-Shirt.

5) Educate people around you (Shop keepers, family and friends)

Corporate Volunteering Programs


Corporate Partners

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