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At Youth For Seva, we believe that together we can do more. While a single organization can effect quite a bit of change in a small amount of time, imagine what we could achieve if all of us joined forces.

Towards this vision, Youth for Seva has always taken the lead in establishing fruitful collaborations with various other NGOs across the country.

When you collaborate with us, you not only get to leverage our decades-long experience in the field of societal change but also get the benefit of our strong volunteering teams across the country!

So, let us collaborate today to create change at a speed and scale never seen before!

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Our Partners

Over time, at Youth For Seva, we have built a strong network of sister organizations that are working towards a similar cause; to better the lives of those around us. We truly believe that a synergistic collaboration between multiple organizations can truly increase the scale at which we can effect change.

Register with us today to find new ways to collaborate and help people!

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Our Partners

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