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Abhyasikas / Learning Centers

Assisting Educational Needs

While schools play an important role in furthering education, some students may need additional support. Abhyasikas are YFS’ efforts to help such students who need extra assistance. These are free tuition centers for students aimed at helping children who live in hostile home environments to focus on their studies for a better future. They also help minimize a child's exposure to these environments, keeping them safe in the process.

  • Keep students in school and promote education.
  • Protect children from hostile home environments.

Social Impact

Learning Centre Benefits

By fostering a welcoming environment through the involvement of volunteers or mentors from the same community, we create a comfortable atmosphere for the children at these learning centers.

These centers not only assist children with their curriculum, homework, and communication skills but also provide valuable teachings in morals and ethics, laying a strong ethical groundwork for youngsters. This year, we successfully extended our reach to 3,659 children across 125 Abhyasikas.

Goal: Rs2,000,000.00
Collected: Rs136,892.00
Goal: Rs1,000,000.00
Collected: Rs600.00
Goal: Rs500,000.00
Collected: Rs23,000.00

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