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Inspired Teachers Network
An Initiative of Youth for Seva

Our Definition of an Inspired Teacher:

  • Teachers who can mould students to become successful contributors to society.
  • Teachers who are the source of knowledge and inspiration to make their students better human beings.
  • Teachers who influence society with their thoughts and actions as well.
  • Teachers who pass on culture and values cherished by human society to the future generations.

Looking Ahead

“Educationists should build the capacities of the spirit of inquiry, creativity, entrepreneurial and moral leadership among students and become their role model.”

-Dr. Abdul Kalam

“Learning gives creativity, creativity leads to thinking, thinking provides knowledge, and knowledge makes you great.” “Dream, dream, dream. Dreams transform into thoughts and thoughts result in action.”

-Dr. Abdul Kalam

The Context

There are more than 4 lakh teachers working in government-run schools all over Karnataka. This is an opportunity for the inspiring teachers of all government schools to join together to build the capacities of the community by assuming leadership roles.

Inspiring Teachers Network is a platform for teachers to - 

  • BE continuous learners
  • KNOW right knowledge
  • DO accomplish inspired goals by taking right action.

The Inspiring Teachers’ Network is an initiative

  • OF THE TEACHERS - who wish to be inspiring change facilitators of their students, school, society, and nation.
  • BY THE TEACHERS - to be life-long learners and reflective practitioners, connect with other teachers to share their expertise and network learning resources.
  • FOR THE TEACHERS - to remain as inspired human beings, growing individually and professionally and showcase their innovations and learning.

Inspiring Examples

There are innumerable teachers from the past and present
who are role models and continue to inspire others with their work.

Inspiring Contributions of Individual Teachers:

A. Individuals who set high values for human society with their thoughts

  • Vyasa - Determined to bring profound Vedic knowledge to those who seek it, Vyasa categorized it into three Vedas: Rig, Yajur, and Sama, and strived to impart this knowledge to millions. He was interested in educating the entire humanity.
  • Valmiki - The pioneer of Sanskrit literature, the Adi Kavi (first poet) wrote the epic Ramayana. It imparts the invaluable teachings of family Values, the importance of sibling relationships, and the most important lesson of the victory of good over evil to humanity.

B. Individuals who impacted social reforms

  • Savitri Phule - She along with her husband Jyotirao Phule pioneered the cause of girl education in India, and in 1948 founded the country’s first girl school in Pune which was a revolutionary step in Indian education.
  • Durgabai Deshmukh (1909–1981) - Founded schools to instruct women in weaving and spinning. Deshmukh took time away from her involvement in the freedom struggle to finish her M.A. and B.L. degrees. The institute set up by her provided training for women interested in careers in teaching, journalism, and nursing.

C. Individuals who contributed to the overall progress of their school and students

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  • H.M. Kumar. Machohalli Colony 

In 2004- was posted as a teacher to LPS govt school, Machohalli, Blore North-1

Efforts towards enrollments- There was no school building, no students. It was a colony of around 800 families. The better off among them had admitted their students to nearby private schools, but there were number of children of brick makers etc who were not in school. 
He started enrolling students by making home visits and once 8 students enrolled, he began teaching under a tree. After 6-7 months seeing his commitment towards children Sri. Ramakrishiah, an elected member of the Gram panchayat got him a place -a small shop and offered to pay the rent. By consistent efforts the number of enrollments increased to 45 and the community got him another adjacent shop. He continued to work on enrollments and the school strength grew to 75. Then the department sent another teacher to the school.
Nurturing the students with good food- there was no "bisi-oota" scheme available for students. He convinced the youth who organized Kannada Rajyotsava day celebrations to get him a cycle so that he could get his students food from Machohalli colony which was around 2 kms from school.
Procuring land for the school- In 2008 recognizing his sincerity, the dept officials granted a land of 1 acre and 20 kuntas. He went around revenue dept, taluk office, district office, commissioner’s office, to get the legal documents registered. He took the help of the community to level the land. He approached the Nelamangala police to remove the unauthorized sheds that were there. He made the school students perform the Bhoomi puja. He encouraged the youth to help him construct 2 rooms so that they could save the rent amount. After this, the admissions rose to 120 and 2 more teachers were deputed. Later the department sanctioned 4 rooms which he got constructed with the help of SDMC. He also planted 100 plants, built a compound to the school, open air theatre, dining space.
Activities- used the school space to conduct Hobli level sports meet. Trained students to win prizes in Pratibha Karanji events both at district and state level.

In a span of 10 years his efforts fructified into a full-fledged school with strength of 219 students and 6 teachers. The school now has 6 rooms, toilets, drinking water facility

  • Sri Santosh Kumar - 

Santosh Kumar is a Science teacher in GHPPS, Chitradurga, South cluster. He has been working as science teacher from 2002. He is very interested in Science, Mathematics, and English subjects. While teaching science, he conducted some activities and experiments and found that children showed lot of interest, excitement, and curiosity. So, he started planning classes with ensured students’ involvement. Day by day, there was a marked improvement in students’ attendance. This encouraged him to set up English Activity Corner and Mathematics Activity corner in the school. Now children can use science materials, perform experiments, make models, practice English regularly. Most of the Education department officers who visited, observed students’ performing experiments and appreciated their involvement during activities. They have also  expressed their appreciation of his efforts, published his innovations in newspapers, and honored him during teacher meetings. Several parents and media persons have also visited the school and appreciated his work. He is happy that the students are very active, energetic and enjoy coming to school.

  • Smt. Vijaya Kumari - 
Most of the children from villages don’t have access to Education because of various reasons. Vijaya Kumari was also one of them. She decided to work for the cause of Education. She works at a government school in Tumakuru district, Gubbi taluk, Manchaladore village. The statewide NMMS exam which is conducted for the students of 8th std has been successful because of her active involvement. Their school has been a topper in the whole district for many years. Her training methodology has helped 66 students to pass the NMMS exams and get scholarship. She has personally visited all the students who had registered for NMMS exam and tutored them keeping in mind, their mental health and financial stability.

She also worked as the vice president in Junior Chamber International in Development division in the year 2022-23. She is the director of RYLA, in Rotary Prerana and a member of Karnataka Mahila Dowrjanya Virodhi. Rotary Tumkur recognized her work was awarded her ‘Nation builder award’. The education office of Gubbi taluk have shown appreciation for her efforts. Her commitment to students has been recognized by Pragnya India Foundation and she has been honored as ‘Children’s favorite  teacher’.

    Why this Network..?

    The network aims to provide an enriching context for individual teachers to:

    1. To create socially aware and responsible citizens

    • Children need both knowledge and skills.
    • Workforce needs people who can plan, collaborate, and communicate.
    • Society needs all young people to learn civic responsibility and develop the right attitudes and attributes that are required for their new roles as global citizens and leaders.

    2. Empower themselves as leaders.

    The teacher empowerment process needs a forum that can facilitate teachers to

    • Reflect, share, and innovate learning practices.
    • Redefine long terms goals of education and learning outcomes from schooling.
    • Reflect on social issues and needs of society.
    • Appreciate an individual teacher’s contribution to children, school, and society.

    Programs Lead by Teachers Include


    • Community/ parents enrichment programs.
    • Organisation of personal development workshops for students.
    • Celebration of national festivals.
    • Networking local resources.
    • Setting up students’ activity rooms.
    • Reading enriching literary works.


    • Individual portfolio presentation at the cluster level.
    • Planning, sharing, and reflecting on learning.
    • Screening of films/documentaries followed by reflections and discussions.
    • Interactions with resource persons.
    • Presentation of case studies in region-wise seminars.
    • Quarterly newsletter on activities at the cluster level.

    YFS Interventions

    • Need-based professional development workshops (content/subject-based, interactive and collaborative learning strategies, etc).
    • Periodical motivational workshops for personal development.
    • Talent shows by teachers on the birthdays of famous teachers.
    • Sponsorship for certification courses of Teacher development institutes.
    • Teacher exchange programs.
    • Short-term certification courses.

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