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Youth for Seva has designed various intervention programs in education by conducting multiple programs. The programs range from foundational projects such as voluntary teaching in government schools, providing school kits to underprivileged students, organizing events such as Chiguru and Vidyachetana(that provides financial support to children from underprivileged backgrounds).

The projects are carved out with the intention to create community outreach centers assisting in the fields of education, and vocational training in economically backward areas. Such altruistic projects organized by Youth for Seva engages thousands of young volunteers from all over the country in productive and impactful events that not only contribute to the society but also inculcate the culture of volunteering in the minds of countless youth. 


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Volunteering Opportunities


Youth For Seva supports the government and aided school children to take part in the Government scholarship program by training the children for NMMS in their school. 

Basic Mathematics

With mathematics skills commanding a crucial role in our everyday lives, it is important that basic knowledge of mathematics be installed in children.

Computer Training

The advent of technology is rapid and it is only right that we enable the younger generation to keep up with the times. YFS recognizes the needs and connects tech savvy volunteers to enable children thrive in this world.

Spoken English

English, a language that is very prevalent, is seen more as a vital necessity than a choice. YFS engages volunteers who can help students become fluent in spoken English.

Signature Programs





Education Resources For Volunteers

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