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Youth for Seva, Dehradun chapter, started at the beginning of 2020 with a focus on educational activities.  Our focus areas are Education, Health, Environmental, and Livelihood sectors.

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  NMMS (National means cum Merit Scholarship) is a centrally-sponsored national level scholarship program for students studying in government, local body or government-aided schools. Its objective is to award scholarships to students from financially weaker section of the society to support them to complete their secondary school.
Chiguru/Navoudit/Ankur is an annual event organized by YFS to showcase the hidden talents of our students studying in government schools. It is the most awaited day for all children and volunteers, and it is filled with fun, enjoyment and celebration. All the students including the government school students participate in various competitions, games and other fun activities. Volunteers from other NGOs, corporates, colleges join hands with us to make the celebration grander.
School Kit Drive (SKD) is a flagship program initiated in 2007 driven by our volunteers with an objective to support students lacking writing materials from discontinuing schools both in cities and villages. The school kit consists of a school bag, notebooks, geometry box, and stationeries.  It suffices the basic requirement for the entire year for the student.
Vidyachetana project was started in the year 2009 to help underprivileged families educate their children by acting as a platform to connect donors to beneficiaries It is ensured that the deserving children with the relevant ability and aspirations complete the requisite education to be gainfully employed.
Corporate-driven Education Projects
School Adoption Program (SAP): This program is unique for every government school as it is designed based on a need-analysis of the school. The goal is to provide an ideal environment that encourages holistic development through infrastructure and personal support that complements existing government efforts.
Abhyasikas: The primary objective of the learning centers has been to provide basic infrastructure and help reinforce mathematics and science concepts. These centers seek to complement the knowledge the students acquire in schools and help in the holistic development of the individuals.
Lab on Wheels: Lab on Wheels is a mobile setup for teaching science experiments in an interactive model. The Lab on Wheels instructors travel to schools either in a van or via a bike, ferrying the required materials. The demonstrations and the practical applications displayed complement the school syllabus and reinforces the concepts in the minds of the children.
Doctors for Seva is an initiative by Youth for Seva. We are comprised of a team of medical professionals, hospitals and medical colleges willing to provide medical services on a voluntary basis.

While doctors provide medical help, a large number of non-medical volunteers assist in execution of our various projects and activities.

Corporate-driven Health Projects:

Adolescent Health Awareness Program(AHAP): Foundation is laid in childhood and personality is raised in adolescence. Youth for Seva started AHAP sessions to help adolescents to become better healthy, responsible citizens of India. Our program is designed with sessions to address the change in adolescence and mental health, peer pressure, addiction, and counselling for students.
Nutrition Kits: As schools shut down, so did the options of mid-day meals. These school going children were denied quality and nutritious food for months. For thousands of children from low-income families, hot milk and meals under the school feeding program had been the only source of nutritious food. To address this issue and build strong immunity for these children, our volunteers visited numerous schools across India to identify who could benefit from nutrition kits and then proceeded to distribute them to the children personally. The meals were thoughtfully planned to contain all necessary food groups like cereals, rice, grains, vegetables and legumes to boost their immunity during these tough times.

Our present environment is what we have received from our forefathers, and it is our responsibility to leave it intact to our next future generation. Rising to the occasion, YFS organizes many new and innovative environment-centric programs across all our chapters.

Give Paper Back project was started in the year 2016 in a small way, and it is an unique initiative as it aims to reuse the unused sheets of a notebook to make new notebooks after completion of the current academic year. It focuses on reducing resources required to make new notebooks and strengthens the idea of refurbishing..

Plantation Drives:  Our environment needs to be replenished and it is up to us to take care of giving back to mother nature. We conducted multiple plantation drives across the country. We engaged volunteers in seed ball making, sapling plantations and reforestation in different regions. On the occasion of World Environment day we conducted drives with a diverse crowd of students, corporate volunteers, partners and college volunteers.

Livelihood:  YFS has also been leading activities towards a greener future from its inception. Activities like sapling plantation drives, initiatives to nurture the planted saplings, making seed balls, cleanathons and installing water feeders for birds have been organized by engaging volunteers. YFS has also promoted echo-friendly celebrations during Holi, Diya making and making our own clay Ganesha for Ganesha Chaturthi and so on.

Meera Garments:  In our pursuit towards development and employment, YFS started Meera Garments, a project with an objective to empower rural women financially. We started the project in Baad Village, Dharwad district, Karnataka, with good quality training. These ladies with our professional training have already started to produce fine finished shirts, masks, uniforms, and blouses and this result has overwhelmed and motivated us greatly to continue providing training to new batches. 

Sewing Machine Center:   YFS has started sewing machine training centers in Diddige, Kurabagatti, and Hunasikumari Villages in Dharwad, Karnataka, to improve economic conditions of these villagers. These projects will support the households of many people in need and make them self-sufficient. This is a part of our livelihood project which supports individuals by providing them relevant skills that create opportunities for employment.



December: YfS Uttarakhand organised an heath camp. With the help of doctor volunteers and nursing staff




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