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Know what's happening around you, where is an opportunity to serve!

It all started when Ms. Krishnaveni saw an advertisement in the newspaper calling volunteers for School Kit Distribution 3 years ago. She took up this volunteering opportunity and enjoyed thoroughly. This drive did not just give her a platform to volunteer but also gave her the fulfillment of spending time with children teaching them dance, singing along with them.

She continued to contribute as Youth For Seva volunteer teaching Computers at Govt schools and coordinator for a local marathon. 'It was a wonderful experience' she says. Even though some children felt challenging, with the support and great response of the school staff she was successful as a volunteer. When she saw people begging outside & unable to fulfill their basic needs, she thought of doing something to help them. Youth For Seva became a platform to serve them and that was her motivation!

When the entire country was hit with the COVID pandemic, the challenges of people on the street and slum gave birth to an idea to cook food for them. Regardless of the many negative comments from the neighbors and localities daily, her compassionate heart to serve the needy gave her the power. She made volunteering a family movement by distributing cooked food to 50+ people morning and evening daily along with her husband throughout the lockdown (Mar-May). Continuing her exceptional work as a volunteer by distributing clothes and rice to the needy, since June to date, she collected around 500KGs of rice through the YFS initiative 'Narayana Patra' which is being distributed at orphanage/ old age homes & slums. 3 years of volunteering and says "I never felt like giving up, it grew as my responsibility as an individual to serve society. I have a long way to go!"

Ms. Krishnaveni calls out volunteers to serve the society and says "Know what's happening around you, where is an opportunity to serve. Today you may not be available but tomorrow you can give your time to build a better society. Always have the willingness to do something for others."

Following are some captures of her service during COVID pandemic. She was also titled as our COVID hero.

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