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Change in society needs to come from the grass root level
Change in society needs to come from the grass root level

Mrs. Shobha has been involved with YFS for the last 1.5 years. She was a Political Science teacher in a Delhi school for...

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NMMS achievement
NMMS achievement

National Means-cum-Merit Scholarship scheme (NMMS) is a centrally sponsored scheme, to award scholarships to meritorious...

A cherishable day of colours, fun and kids !!

Holi 2016, was a cherishable day for the YFS-Hyd volunteers as well as for all the 1500 exuberant kids who took part in the celebrations. 175 volunteers at 29 locations viz.,  slums, orphanages and Govt. schools, have provided organic colours to the kids and made it a healthy-cum-lively Holi. Apart from basking in the pool of colours, volunteers have engaged the kids in various games like tug-of-war. Everyone has tapped their feet to the beats and grooves, forgetting the torment of scorching heat.



This year’s Holi is one of its kind. Inspite of it being a working day for me, I have taken some time out of my busy schedule and got engaged with the kids. I have celebrated with kids from a nearby slum and all their good vibes have made my day. “

– Ganapathi, employee at TCS.



” The idea of celebrating Holi with organic colours made from flowers and plants, is in itself an innovative move and YFS never fails to surprise as always. I felt like I was reliving my childhood, when I played colours with those kids.”

– Sanjana, YFS volunteer




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NMMS achievement

National Means-cum-Merit Scholarship scheme (NMMS) is a centrally sponsored scheme, to award scholarships to meritorious students hailing from low income backgrounds. The motive behind this scheme is to encourage students to continue their education and thus minimize secondary school drop outs. This initiative was launched in May 2008 and a scholarship of Rs.6,000/-  is awarded for four years i.e from class IX to XII, to the students who clear the examination.


In this aspect, Youth for Seva has marked its prominence in mentoring students and help them in achieving the scholarship. The success rate has been progressive from the past three years. YFS is grateful to all the volunteers who put in their efforts in shaping the path of many kids. The figures have significantly increased from 36 students in 2014 to 121 students in 2015, from 25 govt. schools.


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 25 Government schools                          121 achievements                               75 volunteers




It is definitely an awesome experience to teach kids who are very talented and curious. It is really thoughtful of YFS to focus on a productive and promising aspect that’s been provided by the central government. Daily classes were taken covering, each topic of every subject and its appreciable that children sat after the school and studied for 1 to 2 hours. Even mock exams were conducted. The faculty and the principal were very cooperative and have always been quite supportive. I am overwhelmed by this year’s results and I am eagerly waiting to kickstart this year’s training”

Sindhu, Volunteer at Saroornagar ZPHS, HYD


“I have trained 8th grade kids for the NMMS exam, along with 4 other co-volunteers.  I am glad that 11 of our students came out with flying colours which will aid them financially for the next 4 years. We have started off teaching mathematics with some strong basics which indeed has helped them in their academics.”

– Sanotsh, Volunteer at Erramanzil ZPHS, HYD


I along with a co-volunteer have trained 35 students for 3 – 4 months at weekends. Initial response from kids was good but it decreased with time, the reason as I understand is kids are very much poor at basics. Kids are good at Mental aptitude but the SAT part was the tough bet. We have advised the children who wrote this exam to share their experience with juniors. In a nutshell it has been a wonderful experience and the result speaks for itself.”

– Phanidhar, Volunteer at Dharga ZPHS, HYD





Are you committed to work in the not-for-profit sector ??? 


Have you got the passion to ship-shape the future of many under resourced kids ??


Do you empathize with the differently-abled and can you feed their hope to think beyond the horizon ??


We are in need of such individuals who can help us extend our reach further more…


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Vidya Chetana (Sponsor A Child)

Vidya Chetana (Sponsor A Child)