YFS Hyderabad -10K run

25 volunteers participated as a YFS Team in the  Hyderabad 10K run on 28th Nov. We raised awareness about the Kashmir issue and expressed our feelings that Kashmir was and will always be an integral part of India. Our feelings resonated well with the youth audience.

Here is a report by Sagar from Infosys, followed by the pictures. Don’t miss Sumanth’s report at the end:

I am glad and excited about the second outing with YFS team. All YFS team members met at ING Vysya Bank at Khairatabad ‘X’ Roads at 7:30AM, run was scheduled at 8:40 AM. We ran for a cause to raise awareness about the Kashmir Terrorism Issue. Carrying banners in the hand and slogans in heart and soul, we started for our LAKSHYA.  As we reached the Neklace road, Corporate run was about to start. More than 10000 people were there. Everyone has his/her own motive to RUN. I found people running for their health, to have fun and enjoyment in their lives. Few of them were alike us running for a cause. But we all had something in common, the zeal to participate and the enthusiasm which drive us to this RUN. At once, life seemed so beautiful than before, it was colorful, vibrant, cheerful and so on. There was a huge crowd to cheer the participants. We could hear nothing other than “Cheers…!” all around.

We started our campaign by raising slogans and showing our banners. We were lot delighted receiving equal response from the people for our slogans. Few people were really impressed and were interested in YFS, they enquired more about us and few joined raising slogans with us.   Last time I ran 10k without any practice, it was lot painful to me. But, this time we practiced well for the run with encouragement of Shobhitji.  We both ran with lot of enthu meeting the people raising their voices for different causes like “Let’s Vote”, “Stop Child Labour” along with our cause “Our India, our Kashmir “. We continued to create the same environment raising our voices along with banners supporting our cause on the completing point of the RUN.

Exerpt of report by Sumanth from HP:

All the slogan shouting, media glare, a little bit of running, all this and more was both fun and tiring but above and all was very satisfying which could hardly be captured in words not helped by my limited abilities. Personally, my day was made when the 10,000 odd crowd unanimously responded to our call and there were many who even made enquiries made about Youth for Seva, its activities etc.

I came back home with an reassurance that but for a few elements, the entire nation is one in the belief that indeed “Kashmir is an Integral part of India” I could thank no less for Youth for Seva, not singling out any for giving me an opportunity to be part of this really holy event.

Full Report is here: YFS 10K run

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