On the 21st of January 2017, Youth For Seva (YFS), an organisation geared towards service, proudly celebrated its 9th Annual Day. Along with all of its partners, YFS laid out in one voice the clear vision of a self-reliant society where developmental needs are met locally with the aid of individuals who act without vested interests.
YFS has been focused on enabling a culture of volunteering and cultivating these volunteers into positive change agents in society. This mission is now being carried towards fruition by YFS. There are many corporations, partner NGOs, schools, doctors, professionals and college students whose collective efforts have defined the nationwide volunteering movement. Annual day offered an opportunity for all of these catalysts of change to come together under one roof to celebrate their spirit of giving.
The event began with 155 beautiful voices singing the National Song. The singers comprised of young and old, of YFS volunteers and members of the Rashtrotthana Music School and Sneha Seva Trust. Together they greeted the 526 attendees and filled the hall with a powerful declaration of love and devotion towards the Motherland.
Tejasvi Surya, a social entrepreneur, prominent political reformist, and motivational speaker in the Bengaluru circuit, joined the evening as the Chief Guest. He spoke about the very important distinction between Charity and Seva and encouraged the audience to adopt the latter. Strong ideas of economic empowerment and nation-building also rippled through his talk.
What was very new in this year’s Annual Day was the performance of Seva Sankalp. Every attendee was given the opportunity to pledge their time or resources towards betterment of the society. It was apt that this pledge was done in the birth month of Swami Vivekananda, the inspirational monk whose words still echo as one of the strongest proponents of the culture of selfless service.
This selfless service has been the hallmark of a YFS Volunteer. They remain the bedrock of the organisation’s campaign for change. Volunteers who crossed 50 hours, 100 hours, and 500 hours of service were respectively honored on stage with Bronze, Silver and Gold certificates. Every volunteer was received with thunderous applause. For those who completed 500 hours, the crowd chose to bestow upon them a standing ovation.

YFS works closely with many organisations to broaden the reach and deepen the impact of the work it does. Annual Day was an ideal platform to recognize these partnerships. The mementos presented served as symbols appreciating the efforts of the past and carried promises of cooperation for the future. As schools, colleges, hospitals, NGOs and corporations came up to collect their mementos, how vast the volunteering movement had spread was palpable.

This Annual Day was Youth for Seva’s celebration with its extended family. As the children from Sneha Seva Trust performed their winning dance from Chiguru, the family was infused with youthful energy. As the event concluded with over 500 voices singing the National Anthem, the family proudly proclaimed their patriotic fervor. This was an evening of a family united in spirit – one where every member brings together their inherent strengths to collectively confront the big problems that plague our society.

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