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DSC_0219Sahasra Deepika is a residential home for destitute children. Several volunteers have volunteered there and have derived a lot of joy with the children.


About Sahasra Deepika:


By birth, they are not privileged but they have the same capacity as others do. What a future scientist, a doctor, a professor, an engineer, an architect, a teacher or a future company CEO does have, all of these qualities you will observe in them. The only need is CARE. Same care is required that we give to our own child to grow up. And if they lack something as human beings, then that is only our care.


In this respect, Sahasra Deepika has set up a remarkable benchmark, for the 53 children (the present boarders) who come from different backgrounds. The founders of this PIC4residential home— Mrs Vijayalakshmi Ramakrishnan and Dr. Ramakrishnan who at the age of seventy, are relentlessly taking care of the residents, for whom they are more than their parents; the guardians and their mentors as well. These great hearts are not only showing the right path to them but are laying the stones to make a concrete road ahead.


Mrs.Vijayalaxmi Ramakrishnan commented on the teaching of these vacation Volunteers by saying that, “They have taught science and maths nicely and made the students grasp things fast, and children loved them too.” and Dr. Ramakrishnan concluded,” Touch makes wonder, when you teach with touch then students can feel the wonder with their emotional feelings and learn the teaching of touch!”


Volunteers’ experience:


Tapashi, a volunteer shares:


Recently I got an opportunity to teach these students for a few days, through YFS. The teaching experience, I would like to treasure as an everlasting emotional property for my entire life. Each student has different potential when the question of capability arises. They have great qualities to make me overwhelmed as a teacher. Grasping, intelligence, and merit—qualities that a brilliant student needs, they have it all.

The faces of Kavya, Divyashree, Nagashree, Ishwariya, Reshma, Bhumika, Gagana, Karthik and all I had met (the list of names is quite long!) still now beckon me to go again to see them.

If you go, they don’t take much time to get accustomed to you, they will greet you in the manner as if they have known you since long. Their urge for learning is astounding. In science, humanities, or in literature and languages, they have an eagerness to learn; only they don’t dare to handle mathematics properly. But if you simplify the knots of any problem then they just love solving the problem.

This is their academic side, but the anxious longing for extra -curricular activities is worth an observation! Reading, dancing, music, art and crafts, recitation have given them extra support to grow up with the present time needs. These qualities enable them to get additional liveliness in their development.

Mrs. and Dr. Ramakrishnan are helping them to grow up from their tender age, as little saplings to great big banyan trees that will one day provide shade for many of our future saplings. A great thanks and heartfelt regard I feel for the volunteers, trustees and every brick of this strong structural foundation, whosoever are attached to this residential home. Here I will be glad to call this home as an institute itself, a finishing school that helps them to achieve their academic qualification along with behavioral refinement by providing finesse to their characters. This Sahasra Deepika Institute kindles the light of their approaching path to fight every ordeal of life, wherever it is dark.

And we can help them enlighten their path by providing our care towards them. Same way, we can shoulder the burden of Dr. Ramakrishnan’s that they have been carrying along since long with limited resources.


Akshara, a volunteer shares:


Sahasra Deepika Institute for Education (S.D.I.E) is a residential home for orphaned and single parent kids who are the students of Deeksha high which is adjacent to their place.

When I was connected with S.D.I.E, I thought that it would be a typical school environment,but I was so surprised by the kids and the facilities that were provided to them. The kids, ever so welcoming, had been really excited to be taught by us. My apprehension about teaching kids disappeared as soon as they started interacting with me. The girls were very bright and so eager to learn. We aimed at bridging the gap so that they could start to understand and grasped more difficult concepts without much help. I am thankful to the founders of S.D.I.E, who always made us feel at home and for allowing such amateurs like me to teach the kids and helping me learn so much in the process. It has been a very heartwarming and a very enjoyable experience so far.

Gareeyasee, a volunteer shares:


My first day at Sahasra Deepika started with a little excitement, little determination, little apprehension and pretty much every feeling that follows something new. Teaching a bunch of girls basic Mathematics and Science was not something I had done before. But the thought of sharing the sheer wonder of Science, the windows of opportunity that it might open, the joy in numbers through every transaction of our lives- well, I may seem to be exaggerating here but it was just this that I wanted to share.

With time I have realized that these young hearts had managed to leave quite a lasting impression on me and my fellow volunteers. My objective was to go there at the Sahasra Deepika Institute for Education and clarify the doubts that the girls of 9th and 10th had with their studies. The experience proved to be much more.

From taking classes in basic Mathematics, to teaching ‘Kabir ke Dohe’ in Hindi, to explaining the philosophies of Gandhiji, to singing, dancing, playing with them; I can truly call it an unforgettable experience.

Teaching someone is the best way to strengthen your own concepts, they say. I could not agree any less with this statement. As much as I taught the girls there, they taught valuable life lessons to me. To be independent, strong, reliable, patient, humble and obedient- these are just some qualities that I learnt from them.


by Tapashi Saha, Volunteer

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