Corneal Blindness is a visual impairment that occurs from the cornea becoming clouded, scarred or any other infection that ultimately affects the transparency of cornea, making a person blind. It encompasses a range of eye diseases, injuries or infections that damage the cornea issues leading to permanent blindness. With 25% of India’s 15 million blinds succumbing to corneal blindness, with billowing ignorance towards this issue, a need for growing collective awareness has arisen. Even 1% of eye donations at death will ensure the requirement, of 200,000 donor eyes per annum, is fulfilled.

Youth for Seva and Sakshama (An organization which is striving to work for the specially abled sector) strongly believe today’s youth is the best vehicle to propagate the awareness around corneal blindness and pledging eyes for the cause. The collective spirit and energy of the youth can overcome any challenge that may present itself in this regard. We successfully conducted mass campaign by involving 516 college student volunteers from 22 colleges across the Bengaluru city.

Mass Event which was held on 31st July  2016 at Jayanagar. The campaign was a platform to sensitize citizens on ‘Corneal Blindness, Eye pledging and Signature for declaring Eye as a National asset’. The students reached out to 5,287 people in & around Jayanagar. This, in turn, made an impact on 1,739 people to pledge their eyes for donation.

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