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Change Agent Fellowship

This is a unique fellowship for part-time volunteers. Ideal for college students,professionals and home makers. Take up ownership for a time bound and result oriented project and be the change agent.If you have an idea that you would like to drive or already doing in a small way, YFS provides training,mentorship and skills required to raise f unds and manage projects. There is no stipend in this fellowship since this is part-time program. Based on the kind of project and the budget, seed funding may be provided.

Who can apply ?
You must have volunteered at least 50 hours and/or 6 months in the last two years to qualify for this fellowship.

What project to take up ?
You can propose your own idea or take up a project in the 'Ideas for change' pool. This page has
many ideas related to education, health, slums, and economic empowerment.

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