8000 school kits packed in 2 hours!

The School Kit Packing event was held at Vivekananda Degree College in Kukatpally and we were given a big auditorium for the purpose. The turnaround of the volunteers was so huge that the big auditorium was just enough to accommodate such big numbers. There were kids as old as 8 years who wanted to be part of this event proof enough to say that any intention of social cause is highly infectious irrespective of age and genre. The event started with a prayer and we were asked to split into groups of 5 each. Once the groups are formed, everyone formed a human chain to collect the stationary from a store room and bring them into the auditorium. It was so mesmerizing to see people forming human chain and passing around the bundles of books and making sure all the stations are getting the supplies. Once the supplies are accumulated in one station, the human chain would automatically move to the next station and start accumulating the supplies there. Mind you, not everyone participating has done it earlier. But still it goes on equal to the one carried out by highly experienced people. The atmosphere was so pure and practical that there was no need for a leader to guide the people. Everyone was a leader there.

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Once the materials are ready, everyone started putting it in a bag as per the list

given. 5 notebooks, 2 pens, one dictionary, one planner, one sheet of label, one water bottle are basic things going into each bag. The most interesting part of the event is that everyone was involved in one or the other thing, take it from a kid of 6 yrs to a person of 60yrs. Once the supplies were complete in a particular group, the group coordinator would go and fetch the extra supplies. The human chain was formed, re-formed, supplies replenished and bags packed, set of 20 bags grouped in a big bag and sealed. Water and juice were supplied continuously. Fans were arranged all over the auditorium. Music was playing to energize the volunteers. Photographers were trying to capture every minute of the excitement. Groups trying to help each other with supplies and simultaneously competing with each other to pack more bags. Volunteers were sweating, running, laughing, posing for the photographs, counting the bags, listening to the announcements, drinking and even dancing occasionally. Lot of chaos, lot of shouting, lot of running, lot of weight lifting, lot of laughing and lot of satisfaction. It looked very confusing, still everything was so organized that everyone knew where to go, what to get and whom to contact. The atmosphere was so energetic that even if there was a hurricane the packing wouldn’t have stopped. It was more so like a family event, where no one knew anyone, but everyone felt bonded for a cause. No introductions required to talk to someone. From the inception of gathering in the auditorium to the end of packing all the 8000 bags, it took 2 hours 10 minutes for 400 people. And I am sure each and every one returned home with a sense of pride and satisfaction.
At the end of the event, the satisfaction you get for doing something to the society stays with you for days together. It was such a pleasure to part of this event and more so, to be part of such an organization.

– Arunmayee, Volunteer.

YFS 8000 school kits packed in 2 hours! 1

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