YFS Hyderabad Environment Week March 14-19

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Do rope in your friends and family and join the run.

Let’s save our planet, while having some fun!

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YFS Hyderabad Prakriti team has planned a 6 day environment campaign, starting on Monday March 14th and culminating with Holi on March 19th.

Here’s what we plan to do on each of the 6 days. Most of us might be following these already. If not, NOW is the time to begin 🙂

Monday March 14th: Keep a jute or cloth bag handy when you go shopping. Say ‘NO’ to polythene.

Tuesday March 15th: Switch off electric appliances when not in use. Shutdown your office/home PC when done.

Wednesday March 16th: Take the stairs instead of the lift, as much as possible.

Thursday March 17th: Switch off your engine at all red lights.

Friday March 18th: Use public transport system/ resort to car-pooling to get to work.

Saturday March 19th: It’s Holi today! Have fun and make merry. Take care to use natural, eco-friendly colours and use water judiciously.

Together we can, and we will make a difference!

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