Cloth Bags and Narayan Patra Drive

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

One of the major focus areas of the YFS Prakriti team is to encourage people to minimize the use plastic in their daily lives. Keeping this in view, the ‘Cloth Bag Drive and Narayana Patra’ initiative was designed. As part of this, YFS volunteers conduct a door-to-door campaign, where people are given a cloth bag with a pamphlet inside containing a list of eco-friendly practices and are signed up for Narayana Patra. Narayana Patra is a program where every household puts aside a fistful of foodgrains of their choice before they begin cooking for the day. These foodgrains are collected at the end of a fixed period, about a month or more and are then distributed amongst the needy.

YFS has already initiated Narayana Patra in two localities in Hyderabad – Narayanaguda, where about 150 people happily agreed to be part of the same and in Sahara States Colony,L.B.Nagar where 120 households are presently involved.

The proceeds from Narayanaguda will go to Vanavasi Kalyana Ashram which will be distributing the collections to our tribal brethren, while those from L.B.Nagar will be given to Vatsalya Sindhu, a destitute home for boys in Moula Ali, Secunderabad.

This is an ongoing initiative with the dual goal of promoting use of cloth bags and also doing our bit for the needy. Join the YFS Prakriti team and be a part of this noble cause.

Here is what Ravi, volunteer who coordinated the Drive in LB Nagar, had to say:

I initiated YFS Narayana Patra  in my colony with the following objectives: a) Promote usage of cloth shopping bags in the colony. & b) Encourage people to donate to a destitute shelter on a monthly basis. We conducted a door-to-door campaign for about 4 hours while Sehwag was busy hitting boundaries in the 1st World Cup match. Well, the match helped us in a way – most of the people would have been taking afternoon naps otherwise! We’ll be going to all the houses, at the end of each month to collect any donations collected in each of the bags. All proceedings will then be transferred to Vaatsalya Sindhu – a destitute shelter for boys, located in Hyderabad.

Anna Daato Sukhi Bhava. Vande Mataram!

Pictures from the event:

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  1. Mamta Sinha

    It is a very in courageous Program I like it . I want to sear this program in in my working area pl. tell how we work for it.

  2. Swathi

    Hi Mamta, thanks for your interest. Please send a mail to for more details.

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