Chess competition – Visually Challenged vs Wipro Employees

Thursday, December 15th, 2011


Wipro Celebrated the ‘Inclusivity Week’ from 2nd Dec to 9th December 2011. As a part of this event, Youth For Seva had organized chess competitions on Dec 8th and 9th between visually challenged students and employees of Wipro. This was a very unique program conducted to create awareness about the visually challenged students’ hidden talents.Wipro employees were also very enthusiastic to play and experience the fun. The students showed tremendous talent and won many matches.

A total of 7 , including 4 students from Govt blind students Hostel,Dilshuknagar and 3 students from Govt Blind students Hostel ,Mehedipattanam participated.

Background of students:

Most of the students are pursuing their graduation and few are degree holders in different courses. They mostly come from rural areas and since there is least awareness about their talents, chances of employers recruiting them are very rare.  Youth For Seva is working towards bridging this huge gap between employers in industry and visually challenged students, by showcasing their talent.

Rohit from Wipro shares his experiences:

It was just another busy day with bunch of code wandering all over my head and i was trying to knock it down. When such rounds of struggle keeps going on and on, What you need is a break and it’s just then I receive a call. It sounds like an old not so remembered colleague. He asked to meet him and his friends at Cafeteria. I came there where stage is all set for me to have an experience of my life. At the entrance, I met my friend who introduced me to his friends who were actually partially or fully blind. With a drive to showcase the talent in them, he asked me to have a round of Chess with a Fellow name Harish who was fully blind. At first, it seems incredible to me to even acknowledge that He can actually play it. But as game progresses, I was really astonished to see his amazing moves. It is truly hard to believe for me that he actually touches most of the pieces to know the total plot and play accordingly. I have no idea of how he manages to trace so much of my moves and plan accordingly.
Game took interesting turn when I was able to get his queen in exchange of my bishop. And it looks just a matter of time when I would end at winning side. But I was really mesmerized by the manner in which he held up and kept attacking and won finally. That win embraced with handshake “NICE GAME” did won lots of heart as well.
He really sets an example to show that with hard work, practice and determination one can do wonders. One thing I truly learn from him is “No Excuse is Lamer than Not Trying”. So Keep Trying…..Keep Experimenting… Nothing touches me more than an evening I had with a total unknown.

In the near future, Youth for Seva intends to take up many such initiatives in different companies. Please write to us at to know more.


YFS Team

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