Volunteers ensured that Chiguru 2012 was a monumental success!

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

The annual event that brings children from several government and non-formal schools to one location with ample opportunity to showcase their talents was a monumental success – thanks to YFS volunteers!


CHIGURU 2012 was a mega success with 1400 students participating from over 45 government and non-formal schools supported by more than 50 judges, 350 volunteers and a core team of 60 event organizers.


Volunteers accompany the students to various events, a tad more nervous than the students themselves to ensure that they don’t miss the opportunity to participate in the events!


Dedicated volunteers stand by the big bins to ensure that the food waste is collected separately guiding everyone with a smile on their face!


Cheers, claps and whistles filled the air as their friends performed on stage!


With patience and a comforting smile, the judges goaded the children to give their best!


A blind student walked on stage to receive a prize and showed his enthusiasm by shaking the gift to figure out what it is…


The energy and enthusiasm of children and volunteers was contagious on the bright and beautiful Sunday in December at BHS on RV road.

Everyone – students, teachers, volunteers, judges, organizers – had a wonderful day and took back many moments that they will cherish for months to come.

A volunteer, MS Vas, said that “Chiguru put a smile on thousand faces!”

It would not have been possible without the dedicated efforts of volunteers to ensure that the children were prepared for the events, arrived on time, did not miss the opportunity to participate, had energy boosters regularly and give their best! Words aren’t enough the capture the energy and commitment to the school and the children they interact with regularly.


The event was covered by Karnataka Watch

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